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Rocker Flange Improvements

I find the pop-riveted flange below the rocker to be a real eyesore on the Europa, not that you see it often.  Mine was all wavy, cracked and very pretty unsightly, so I decided to epoxy it in place, fill the holes and straighten it.

 I stripped the paint, sanded and cleaned the mating edges, and peppered the entire surface with holes for #10 self tapping screws to clamp the joint while the epoxy cured.  I used East Systems marine epoxy filled with a mix of long strand glass and colloidal silica. 

Here you see the glued and screwed flange.

After the glue set, I re-drilled and countersunk the holes to ensure that polyester filler would adhere.  (Epoxy likes it, but it doesn't like epoxy)

Then, I filled it with Dynaglass, that glass-filled cat-vomit-like waterproof filler. 

After that, a quick sand to straighten and flatten the surface, but not too much.  The final work will be done by the body shop.