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Roof Damage

This is an example of a straightforward repair.  The roof and door was cracked when 54/1871 attempted suicide by rolling off the retaining wall in a windstorm.  Thankfully the A pillars weren't damaged, as they are very weak where they join the roof and rely on the windshield for strength.  This is a good reason to leave the windshield in a Europa while it is being restored, removing it for as little time as possible while painting and installing the headliner.

I drilled a small hole at the end of the crack to stop it from propagating and to admit a jigsaw blade.  I then ran the blade down the crack so that the sides could be lined up.

After cutting the window molding clear of the injured area, I duct taped the front edge of the roof to protect it, I clamped the edges as shown and dished the area pf the repair with a grinder.

A mat/cloth/mat patch, each piece successively larger, restores strength.

The area was then ground to the approximate contour of the roof, and the interior was similarly also dished, patched and ground to ensure a strong repair.