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Europa Rear Valance Repair

This area was cracked at  the lower shelf and at the rear bumper near the license plate light.  Also the flange indicating the joint between the top and bottom halves of the body was cracked and frayed and really cheap looking.  It would have been a real pain to return that to its original substandard condition, si I elected to eliminate it.  This repair involved dishing and reinforcing the crack in the valance, removing the entire flange, dishing that area, then laminating glass over  that ground area including a laher over the entire radiused area of the rear valance .  It is now much stiffer.  I'm really pleased with the new smooth bottom.  Though it is under the car,  it is visible, and is to me one of the subtle little details that makes the difference between an average car and a nicely finished one.  The rear of the car appears now to be a solid unit rather than a tatty kit-car compromise.

The flange mostly cut off with the grinder.

After having been 'dished' with the grinder, the area is glassed, then sanded nice and smooth.   Jacking points reinforced with several layers of glass.