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Seats, Seatbelts, and Pedals 

The seatbelts are attached to the chassis centre tunnel on the inboard side and to mild steel plates mounted inside the fiberglass door sills on the outboard side.   The non-retracting shoulder belt attaches to a bolt whjch penetrates the fiberglass at the upper outbard corner of the firewall, just below the rear window.

This shows the condition of one of the seatbelt mounting plates which lived a difficult life inside the rocker panel.  The other plate was worse.  These will be replaced with sturdy stainless steel units.

These are the points to which the shoulder belt is mounted. 

You can see the two pop rivets which were used to hold the plate in the flimsy chopper-gunned fiberglass pocket behind the cardboard firewall.  In fairness, the attachment was strong enough (in shear at least)  to hold the plate in place while I broke the bolt in half.  Lucky I have a spare, though I may opt to use a different seatbelt setup.  These were originally plated, and are in surprisingly good shape, probably because they are up and out of the road salt.

Steel seats in a fiberglass car!  What happens when the door seals leak, and the carpets get soaked.  The adjuster tracks were fused solid as is the pedal cluster.