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Prep and Paint

I had received estimates of around 100hrs to straighten and paint 54-1871.  Way more than I had rather optimistically budgeted.  As of Feb 24 2004, the prep is around 3/4 done and I've paid for 69 hours.  At here's where she be:





See the little white splotches everywhere?  Filled pinholes.  As mentioned elsewhere, I suggest that you leave it to your carefully chosen bodyman to sand the paint off the car rather than strip it chemically as I did, or media blast it as others have regretted doing.  Removing the gelcoat exposes all kinds of pinholes and other imperfections and the method I used messed up the gelcoat enough that the entire car needed to be skim coated with filler and block sanded straight.  That said, this car should be much straighter than new.   So much for that concours win....   Since that's out the window, the original "L09 Royal Blue" is out the window as well, and L97, "Lotus Yellow" will take its place.  PPG code 83526.