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Other Lotus Projects

Lotus Type 46 (Europa Series 1 aka S1)

RS Fehr
PA Gaillard
G DeConty
B Jenkins
Ed Waalewijn
Mark LeVea
Frank Dalton
Ian Green     A project more daunting than mine.
T Minh-loc

Lotus type 47 (Europa-basedFIA Homologation Race Car)

C. Beadsmore -- 47 + 47R
B Levy -- 47D
Johannes Ditz -- 47 + 46      Excellent Taste in Cars!

Lotus types 54 and 65 (Europa Series 2 and Series 2 "Federal" AKA S2)

Paul Zielinski
Giff Kucsma
S. Mitchell
Gaetano Libera
John Zender    And I thought I got carried away... 
Jay Mitchell Jeff Hovis    A nice  S2 Gordini conversion
K. Kaplan
Brad Anders
Claude Raymond
Mark Hollingsworth
Neil Dixon
Harald Friese   
Pat Vonaschwege   Turbo Roadster project.  No kidding!
Check me

Lotus Type 62  (Next generation of Europa-based  Factory Race Car)


Lotus type 74 (Europa Twin Cam and Twin Cam Special, aka TC, aka "Twink")

Aaron Hines
J. Pritch
J. Farthing
Dan Morrison
D. Emerson
G Johnson
LG Petersson
J. Rice
David Mirylees
Frank Dalton
Ian Green    Nice site, challenging S1 project.  Ian has a TC to drive, my second drive in a Europa!
Jan Szott    Jan's Europa stopped by to visit with my Europa one day.   My first drive in a Europa!
B. Fortini
K. Kaplan
Jon Zetec_progress
Whit Davis
Kazu Yamaguchi  Kazu's Garage;  Nice guy  - made the effort to post English pages too, very nice TCS. 
P. Boedker
Dean Foreman

Discussion groups and BBSs

Pelican Parts 914 BBS    Great BBS with terrific technical help.
914 Club  A more recent addition to the 914 community, much like the Pelican Parts BBS
Lotus Europa Mailing List    A Yahoo user group.  Different than a BBS, not as slick but with a very dedicated and generous membership that is always willing to help. 
Shoptalk Forums  VW and Type 4 Engine building.  Some serious expertise here, very helpful.

Useful Sites

europa workshop manual
Tire and Wheel upgrade Calculator    Great resource for selecting the right size tires, links to tirerack for product review and pricing.

James' Full on Synchro Rebuild      An excellent explanation of Porsche gearbox troubleshooting and rebuild work.

Porsche Gear Ratios    A very useful table for determining what's what in the box.

Vendors I have used and can recommend.

Pelican Parts  Competitively priced source in California for Porsche parts.  I buy from them when I can to help support their fantastic BBS.
Pierce Manifolds  Great source for Weber Carb parts and Expertise.  Weber parts lists and diagrams on their site.
California Import Parts  Good source in Canada for VW parts used in a 914, inexpensive, easy online ordering, don't expect service, that isn't their thing.  
Aircooled.net  John is really helpful and his prices are quite fair, specializing in VW.

Triad Performance   Dave is a very decent guy to deal with, and makes a very nice muffler for the 914.

News and Information Sources

http://www.theonion.com    America's most honest news source - The Onion.  

http://www.cbc.ca/news/    The Canadian Spin - CBC