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Renault Engine Rebuild

Making a Stand

I noticed in the Lotus manual that the factory engine stand was unlike any other that I had seen in that it attached to the side of the case, rather than the bellhousing flange.  This would make it easy to mount the clutch and flywheel on the stand and do things like setting the end play.  It also prevents loading and possibly breaking the thin flange on an alloy engine case.  The following pics should make it clear.  I used 1X1.5mm threaded rod to make custom bolts and cut some nice heavy wall 3/4" DOM tubing into the correct lengths to weld to a single plane of 11ga sheet steel.   I intended to fold the edges of that plate over to stiffen it, but couldn't get the use of a big brake so didn't bother.  The construction is crude for a variety of other reasons, but it should work fine if my welds don't break.