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1X12" Detuned Speaker Cab

Here is a design for a 1X12 Guitar cab.  Light, compact, sounds good.  The "Detuned" theory comes from Kevin O'connor's book on speaker construction.  Google on "London Power" if you are curious.  Detuned, In a nutshell:

bulletThe best attributes of closed and open backed cabs can be realized with an "open front" design in which the openings are approximately the  size of the driver openings. 
bulletA larger cabinet sounds better than a smaller cabinet,  and a cab about twice the size of a normal cab - ie single driver in a 2X12 sized cabinet sounds good.

Here are some pics of mine, click on the thumbnails to enlarge. 

It was constructed of 3/4" birch ply, fastened with carpenter's yellow glue and biscuit joints, and finished in satin polyurethane.   Designed to be simply built but adequately strong, the dimensions were chosen to enable two cabs to be constructed from a single 4X8' sheet of plywood, with a minimum number of long cuts.  The sheet can be cut into a few car-sized pieces at the lumber store.   I have misplaced the layout drawing, so you'll have to figure it out.  Note the grain orientation on this cab.

The cabinet measures 28X18X12". 

Here are the dimensions of the pieces

Sides 16.5"h  X12" d

Top and bottom - 28" w X 12"d

Front 16.5h X 20"w

Back 16.5"h X 26.5"w